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In Tasmania, tourism is managed via the T21 Visitor Economy Strategy. This is a partnership between Tourism Tasmania (government) and Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (industry) and is the only tourism partnership of its kind in Australia. This is tribute to Tasmania's impressive focus on tourism, further supported by our Premier holding the portfolio of Tourism Minister.

At regional level, there are four regional tourism organisations (RTOs):


These organisations set the strategic direction for tourism in their region, identify priorities and deliver programs that engage their industry and stakeholders. They have the autonomy to plan and deliver programs that effectively develop and market the region and are accountable to their industry and key stakeholders.

This arrangement represents a tourism industry-led approach to regional tourism in Tasmania. It empowers the tourism industry to take more control of tourism in their region, with Tourism Tasmania providing some support funding for the four organisations.

The approach also aims to improve the coordination of resources across councils, the tourism industry and Tourism Tasmania that are directed towards agreed regional tourism priorities, as well as clarify the role of local tourism associations and their contribution to the development of regional priorities.

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